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GID for Hot Messes (Gettin’ It Done)


(If you haven’t been to Lucy and Ethel page, you’re missing some really good information and some video details about this program. If you missed it, or you THINK you missed it [a.k.a. ‘the hot mess way’] you can remedy that problem HERE.)


GID for Hot Messes is an 8-week, self-paced, program designed to teach you a proven, systematic, SUSTAINABLE, stress-free approach to organizing your life and getting it all done.

In only two months, you’ll have more time to enjoy your life and less stress than you ever thought possible!




If you’re ready to go…AWESOME!

Welcome to the first day of your brand new, less messy hot-mess life!

I’m SO GLAD you decided to take Hot Messes Unitethis giant leap toward living a more peaceful, purposeful life and “gettin it done” – without the stress and crazy and causes life to pass by so quickly that we end up looking back and thinking “where did the time go?”

Once I realized the benefit of an organized lifestyle, I was hooked. It does NOT mean my house is never a mess (because it often is), it doesn’t mean I never forget things, misplace things, let laundry get backed up, etc… which is EXACTLY why I teach the ‘Sustainability Method’ – because the point of having a life is living it – and with my GID method, there isn’t an “all or none,” unrealistic approach. I had no intention of making it part of my business, but it’s become a big part of what I do and it seems to be more in demand than ever, as everyone I know seems to have more and more stuff, more and more busy, and less and less time.

When you join GID for Hot Messes, you will join other hot messes from around the world as you not only learn how to get your life under control, but how to keep it there, WITHOUT the guilt, without the pressure, self-loathing, or the feelings in inadequacy associated with so many of the other organizing and productivity  programs out there today.

Here are the modules again:

  1. The Mindset
    • Surrender VS. Commitment
      • This training is key to getting your mind right. During this session, we’ll review the mistakes people make when trying to make big changes in their lives. And THEN I’ll teach you how to avoid becoming a statistic.
    • Everyday Decisions
      • In this training you’ll learn the art of making everyday decisions and then you’ll learn how to stack those decisions to build a new definition of success so you can actually reach your goals.
    • Making Habits
      • In this session you’ll learn how pick the RIGHT habits to make and then learn to make habits the RIGHT way (note: everything you’ve learned about forming good habits might be total BS).
  2. The Skillset

    1. Tools for Success
      • In this training, you’ll learn what tools you need to make this work for you.
    2. Mastering the Process (In this module, you’ll learn the GID System)

      • Seize
      • Define
      • Assign
      • Act
      • Review
  3. The Schedule (In this module, you’ll learn the right way to create a schedule, and how to use that schedule in tandem with the GID system)

    • Defining Your Path
    • Blazing The Trail
    • Making It Stick
  4.  The Follow-Through (In this module, you’ll learn how to guarantee follow-through and the difference between success and failure the hot mess way)

    • Renewing Your Mind
    • Daily Resolve
  5.  The Reset (In this module, you’ll learn the art of the reset, and how the ‘right to reset’ can change your life)

    • The Perpetual Fresh Start
    • Handling Interruptions
  6.  Your System (In this module, you’ll learn how to make the GID system your own, and how to apply it to your own life without forcing yourself to be something you’re not)

    • Customizing The System
    • Customizing Your Approach
    • Choosing How Much You Care

You’ll also get these bonuses:

  1. The Hot Mess’s Guide to An Always-Clean House
    1. With a DAILY calendar of “To-Dos” to keep you on top of the tidy without making it feel like all you do is clean.
  2. The GID Series of Organizing Tips for Disorganized People
    1. A chapter from the GID book (released under Vertu Publishing in March 2017), highlighting the subjective nature of organization, and clarifying the reasons it’s okay to not fit ‘inside the box.’
  3. Membership for Life – review, renew and redo the program anytime you want. Start again anywhere, anytime.

Once you purchase the program, you’ll find access to the course in your account area, where you’ll get access to your introduction and first course lesson. Get excited! Today’s the day!

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