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Vertū Marketing is a full-service marketing and branding agency with a primary focus on the digital world. Over the past several years we have been blessed to provide corporate marketing services to some of the largest corporate entities in the world.


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So what makes us different from the thousands of other digital marketing providers serving our industry?

We provide all our services through an anonymous vendor relationship. This means, that unless directly specified by the client, all the work we provide remains anonymous. We take credit for nothing, allowing our clients to take credit for everything.

When it comes to the corporate environment, we believe genuine service is a dying art. As a result, we've created the anonymous vendor-relationship option for our clients in an effort to bring some truth to the phrase "your success is our success."

In a world where everybody and their brother want you to believe they have your back, Vertū Marketing actually does, making us the go-to agency for many of the largest brands in the United States and Europe.

The anonymous vendor-relationship option allows the Vertū Marketing team to focus solely on the success of our clients in the corporate environment; it also allows us to provide a wider range of services and to serve a wider range of clientele.

We are the "man behind the curtain" for large companies in a wide variety of industries.

The privacy of the anonymous relationship even allows us to provide marketing and branding services to other marketing and branding companies. Yes, that's right, we are the marketing firm to marketing firms. We are a cog that keeps the corporate-branding machine running, and we do it all without the publicized glory most other corporate marketing agencies require.

Why? Because most people in our industry do a lot of fast talking, they make a lot of promises and, like magicians, they draw focus to the "prestige." All the while, drawing your eye away from what really matters and the things that get actual results.

We are Vertū for a reason, our primary focus is optimal service and tangible results. We don't need to see our name in lights to do exemplary work.

No, not all our clients remain anonymous. It is not a mandatory component of the vendor relationship with our team. However, we find that providing the privacy option to our clients allows us to pursue projects that would otherwise remain unavailable to us and it allows us to earn a level of trust with our clients that very few corporate marketing agencies have the opportunity to earn.


Vertū offers the following services via contract:

Each of the services offered by Vertū Marketing, from copywriting and article marketing to graphic design and video promos, is available to our corporate marketing clients through a vendor relationship, established by a contract.


  • Article writing

  • Blog writing

  • Press release writing

  • Website content

  • Speech writing

  • Social media content writing

  • SEO

  • Journalistic writing

  • E-book writing

  • Transcription services

  • Grant writing

  • Letter writing

  • Proposal writing

  • Legal writing

  • White paper writing

  • News writing

  • Magazine writing

  • Book writing

  • Technical writing

  • Creative writing

  • Script writing

  • Editing Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Format

  • Style

  • Tone

  • Purpose


  • Content management

  • API integration

  • Third-party social media publishing

  • E-book formatting and publishing

  • PowerPoint creation and publishing

  • Audio publication/editing management (podcasts, voice over, audio books, etc.)

  • Image procurement and design (graphic design)


  • Data acquisition

  • Web-based focus groups

  • Record research

  • Market analysis


  • Web design

  • Web development

  • API construction and management

  • App development

  • Tech maintenance

  • Tech security

  • Technology integration


  • Project management

  • Customer Service